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Manufacturing method of high-pressure discharge lamp and sealed part structure for high-pressure discharge lamp
Atsuji Nakagawa, Himeji (JP); Hiroshi Takahashi, Himeji (JP); and Takashige Yamada, Himeji (JP)
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1. A method of manufacturing a high-pressure discharge lamp, comprising the steps of:
forming a mount including a metallic foil, an electrode and an external lead rod by welding the electrode to one end of the metallic foil and welding the external lead rod to the other end of the metallic foil;
inserting the mount into an interior of a glass tube having an outer diameter smaller than an inner diameter of an end part of a sealed container;
radially constricting the glass tube at a first position located away from the metallic foil toward a tip of the electrode;
air-tightly sealing the mount by a region of the glass tube after the step of radially constricting is completed, the region ranging from the first position to at least the other end of the metallic foil;
protruding the electrode out of the glass tube located away from the first position toward the tip of the electrode so as to form a glass-tube air-tightly sealed mount;
inserting the glass-tube air-tightly sealed mount into the end part of the sealed container such that the tip of the electrode is inserted first; and
radially constricting the end part so as to air-tightly sealing the glass tube of the glass-tube air-tightly sealed mount by the end part.