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Command selector with rotary scroll wheel
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1. A command selector comprising:
a scroll wheel mounted in a support and free to rotate about a main axis;
a detection wheel configured to rotate about a secondary axis;
a gear train rotationally connecting the scroll wheel to the detection wheel; and
a fixed printed circuit board provided with a sensor configured to detect rotations of the detection wheel, wherein the main axis and the secondary axis are non-parallel, the gear train defines an angle, and the detection wheel is configured to rotate in a plane parallel to the printed circuit board, such that the secondary axis is perpendicular to the printed circuit board, wherein the scroll wheel is operable to perform a translational movement along the secondary axis, wherein the translational movement of the scroll wheel displaces the support along the secondary axis thereby moving it closer to the printed circuit board so as to actuate a position sensor arranged on the printed circuit board, the selector being further provided with an elastic means exerting on the support a return force opposed to the translational movement of the support so that, without any handling, the scroll wheel and its support remain in a neutral position remote from the printed circuit board, wherein the elastic means is an elastomeric dome forming part of a cover which covers the printed circuit board, the dome integrating a component of the position sensor.