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Push type switch
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1. A push type switch, comprising:
a mounting base comprising a wall body and an accommodating space being surrounded by the wall body, the wall body including a fixing portion;
a depressing module comprising a cap and a connecting peg extending out of the cap for being movably connected to the mounting base in the accommodating space, the cap having a light-permeable side portion spaced apart from the fixing portion of the mounting base so as to form an interval in between the side portion and the fixing portion;
a base board disposed in the accommodating space and including at least a contact portion formed thereon;
a lighting module comprising a flat flexible cable extending along the fixing portion of the mounting base, and a plurality of lighting elements configured on the flat flexible cable, the flat flexible cable comprising an extension segment extending from the flat flexible cable to connect the base board, and the plurality of lighting elements being located at the interval;
a terminal group electrically connected to the base board; and
at least a conductive element being flexible and disposed on the base board corresponding to the at least a contact portion, and when the depressing module is being pushed to depress and deform the at least a conductive element to enable the conductive element to electrically contact the at least a contact portion, the terminal group transmits electrical signals to allow the plurality of lighting elements to light with multiple lighting modes;
wherein the fixing portion of the wall body is defined on an outer surface of the wall body and located adjacent to a top of the mounting base, the fixing portion has a fixing frame located around the fixing portion for holding and positioning the flat flexible cable, and the depressing module further comprises a depressing seat being detachably connected to a bottom of the connecting peg for depressing the at least a conductive element.