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Systems and methods for locking a circuit breaker
John Quentin Cowans, Decatur, GA (US)
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1. A key locking device accessory for use with a circuit breaker, the key locking device accessory comprising:
a locking device to lock the circuit breaker such that an unauthorized person is prevented from switching the circuit breaker from an OFF state to an ON state or from the ON state to the OFF state, the locking device including:
a first subassembly including a pocket housing, the first subassembly is configured to be installed in an accessory pocket,
a second subassembly including a cylinder lock, the second subassembly is configured to be mounted to an accessory cover, and
wherein the first subassembly and the second subassembly are configured to self align upon final assembly of the circuit breaker to perform a locking function of the circuit breaker, wherein the first subassembly including a cover to enclose a locking mechanism that interfaces with an operating mechanism of the circuit breaker.