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Switch control module
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1. A switch control module, comprising:
a housing having a panel on a side of the housing, the panel having a front surface and a rear surface, the housing defining an accommodating space and having an opening penetrating from the front surface to the rear surface of the panel along a main axis;
a control assembly disposed in the accommodating space and comprising a shaft that is rotatable about the main axis;
a plurality of positioning units located at an edge of the opening and positioned on the front surface of the panel and spaced apart from one another, wherein the positioning units extend radially and outwardly with the main axis as a center and are projected in a direction along the main axis; and
a linkage unit having a rod and a holding pin, wherein the rod passes through the opening and connected to the shaft in a movable manner, and the holding pin is pivotally connected with the rod and is selectively connected to one of the positioning units;
wherein the linkage unit is configured to drive the shaft to rotate so as to change the operation mode of the control module.