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Safe geometry vacuum design
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1. A vacuum cleaner apparatus for fissile material comprising:
a single unit elongate vacuum cleaner assembled along a centerline axis and configured for the separation and recovery of a fissile material entrained in an airflow, the vacuum cleaner having:
a housing having an outer wall having an outer wall surface and an inner wall surface defining an internal housing chamber, the housing also including a top end having a top opening, a bottom end having a bottom opening, and a radial intake port opening disposed in the outer wall proximate the bottom end;
a suction apparatus having:
an intake disposed at the intake port opening and having a hose connection means for mating with a vacuum hose assembly;
a flow-through fan disposed in the top opening of the housing and having an intake and an exhaust, the flow-through fan configured to intake and exhaust the airflow in a direction parallel with the centerline axis;
container connection means disposed at the bottom opening for connecting an external container to bottom end of the housing; and
a first cylindrical free space having a center point disposed along the centerline axis and a diameter passing through the center point, wherein the vacuum cleaner apparatus is sized to fit entirely within the diameter of the first free space, and wherein the diameter of the first cylindrical free space is less than or equal to maximum sub-critical diameter of a cylinder of the fissile material.