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Method for the construction of a secure nuclear reactor plant, and corresponding reactor plant
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1. A method for building an operational nuclear reactor installation, comprising a containment chamber surrounded by a protective casing, said method comprising:
finding or preparing a cavern (2) having cavern walls (2′) in rocky ground or in a mountain (3), said cavern (2) being connected to the outside world via a tunnel or shaft (4),
attaching a pipe system (7) to the cavern walls (2′), the pipe system being distributed circumferentially around the cavern walls,
constructing or introducing a sealed protective casing (5) made of steel which delimits the containment chamber (1) forming an enveloping intermediate chamber volume (6) between the protective casing (5) and the cavern walls (2′), filling the intermediate chamber (6) with concrete or cement (6′), with the exception of the tunnel or shaft (4),
wherein prior to filling the intermediate chamber (6) with concrete or cement (6′), hollow chambers (8) are arranged outside the protective casing (5) on an outside surface of the protective casing (5), said hollow chambers (8) being comprised of steel casings, said hollow chambers (8) remaining free of concrete (6′) and being fitted with measuring devices and probes, prior to the pouring of the concrete,
wherein prior to filling the intermediate chamber (6) with concrete or cement (6′), connecting pipes (9) fitted with cables are set up, said connecting pipes (9) and cables connecting the hollow chambers (8) one to another and to the outside world via the tunnel or shaft (4), and
after filling the intermediate chamber (6) with concrete or cement (6′), using the attached pipe system (7) to seal leaks in the rock material of the cavern walls (2′) with respect to gases and liquids by injecting a liquid sealant through the pipe system (7) distributed around the cavern walls, and
wherein the operational nuclear reactor installation is built.