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Electronic device and method for playing back image data
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1. A method for operating an electronic device, the method comprising:
storing audiovisual (A/V) data for a predetermined period of time, in a memory of the electronic device; and
playing back the A/V data stored in the memory;
wherein playing back the A/V data comprises:
analyzing an audio signal of the A/V data dynamically;
selecting one of a plurality of sound effects based on the analyzed audio signal; and
playing back the A/V data by applying the selected one sound effect to at least a part of the A/V signal,
wherein selecting one of the plurality of sound effects comprising:
obtaining Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) data per channel by decoding the analyzed audio signal;
calculating a deviation energy between left and right sides of each frame of the obtained PCM data per channel, and center energy; and
selecting one of the plurality of sound effects based on the calculated deviation energy and the center energy.