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Spindle motor including sealing member and disk drive apparatus provided with same
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15. A disk drive apparatus comprising:
a spindle motor configured to rotate a disk, the spindle motor including:
a bearing mechanism including a shaft having a center axis as a center thereof;
a sealing member on a lower side of the bearing mechanism;
a stationary portion including a base defining a portion of the housing; and
a rotary portion arranged to rotate relative to the stationary portion about the center axis via the bearing mechanism;
an access unit configured to perform at least one of data read from and data write to the disk;
a clamper configured to clamp the disk in conjunction with the spindle motor; and
a housing having a top cover and accommodating the disk, the spindle motor, the access unit, and the clamper, wherein
the base has a through hole defined therein so as to have a center aligned with the center axis and pass through the base in an axial direction,
the bearing mechanism is fixed to the base in a first fixing region defined between an inner circumferential portion that defines the through hole in the base and an outer circumferential portion of the bearing mechanism,
the sealing member is fixed to the base in a second fixing region defined between the inner circumferential portion of the base and an outer circumferential portion of the sealing member, and
at least one of the first fixing region and the second fixing region includes a sealing region where the through hole is closed.