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Motor vehicle device operation with operating correction
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1. A method for operating a motor vehicle operating device based on voice control with first and second operating steps that are based on each other in a device of a motor vehicle, comprising:
a first vocabulary, provided for the first operating step, is set with a speech recognition device and
on the basis of the set first vocabulary, a first recognition result is generated for a first speech input of a user,
the first operating step is carried out based on the first recognition result and
instead of the first vocabulary, a second vocabulary, which is at least partially different from the first vocabulary, is set for the speech recognition device and
a second speech input of the user is detected,
wherein a repetition device recognizes a correction request of a user with or after the detection of the second speech input and reactivates the first vocabulary for the speech recognition device instead of the second vocabulary, and a second recognition result is generated on the basis of the reactivated first vocabulary based on at least one part of the second speech input, and the first operating step is carried out one more time based on the second recognition result.