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Speech recognition device, vehicle having the same, and speech recognition method
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9. A speech recognition device comprising:
a memory configured to store information on input speech; and
a speech recognition device configured to recognize the input speech and output a recognition result of the input speech, including a plurality of instruction candidates corresponding to a received input speech, to a display or a speaker,
wherein the speech recognition device resets a recognition environment applied to speech recognition and re-recognizes the received input speech when a re-recognition instruction is input by a user, excludes the recognition result of the input speech previously output when the re-recognition is performed, and resets the reset recognition environment to an initial value when the re-recognition is completed,
wherein the recognition environment includes at least one of an accuracy parameter related to accuracy of speech recognition, a threshold value of a confidence score, or a search range, and
wherein the accuracy parameter represents information on the number of search nodes, and accuracy of speech recognition increases as the number of search nodes increases.