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Voice selection supporting device, voice selection method, and computer-readable recording medium
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1. A voice selection supporting device comprising:
a memory; and
one or more processors configured to function as an acceptance unit, an analysis unit, an evaluation unit, a candidate presentation unit and a voice synthesis unit, wherein
the acceptance unit accepts input of a text;
the analysis unit performs a morphological analysis of the text and obtains an attribute of the text by referring to text analysis knowledge, the text analysis knowledge associating attributes with results of the morphological analysis for texts respectively;
the evaluation unit evaluates respective similarities between the voice attributes for the voice dictionaries and the obtained attribute of the text, each of the voice attributes indicating voice characteristics of a speaker for a voice synthesis, each of the voice dictionaries corresponding to the speaker for the voice synthesis;
the candidate presentation unit presents, based on the similarities, a candidate of the speaker from the voice dictionaries suitable for the text; and
the voice synthesis unit reads the text corresponding to the candidate of the speaker into synthesized voices.