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Coherent acoustic wave generation
Joseph V. Mantese, Ellington, CT (US); Arthur Blanc, Providence, RI (US); and Antonio M. Vincitore, South Windsor, CT (US)
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1. An acoustic wave generator comprising:
a stack comprising:
a plurality of first layers configured to receive electrical and/or magnetic energy; and
a plurality of second layers configured in contact with the plurality of first layers, the plurality of second layers comprising one or more materials configured to change mechanical properties when electrical and/or magnetic energy is applied thereto; and
at least one source configured in operational communication with the plurality of first layers and configured to supply at least one of phased electrical and/or magnetic energy to the plurality of first layers,
wherein the stack is configured to (i) generate phased acoustic energy and (ii) at least one of amplify and store the generated acoustic energy in a first state and release said generator acoustic energy in a second state.