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Ergonomic electronic musical instrument with pseudo-strings
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1. A musical device comprising:
a body having a plurality of triggers and ergonomic features correlating to at least two stringed instruments that are played using different playing techniques, the ergonomic features further comprising a neck having an underside, the underside having a smaller neck outline inset from a larger neck outline, wherein the smaller neck outline provides a thumb-rest that approximates the width of violin's neck and the larger neck outline approximates the width of a guitar's neck;
a plurality of sensors;
at least one trigger that is associated with at least one of the plurality of sensors for tactile user input;
a switch to toggle the device between the at least two playing techniques, wherein each of the at least two playing techniques comprises receiving different tactile user input; and
wherein the ergonomic features of the body of the device allow the user to hold the device in positions familiar to musicians of the at least two stringed instruments.