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Apparatus, method, and computer-readable storage medium for compensating for latency in musical collaboration
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1. An apparatus that compensates for latency in a musical collaboration, the apparatus comprising:
processing circuitry configured to
set a tempo for a first client device to follow,
receive, after setting the tempo, a musical piece associated with the set tempo from the first client device,
process the musical piece received from the first client device to correspond to the set tempo, in response to a determination that the musical piece received from the first client device does not correspond to the set tempo,
transmit, after processing the musical piece, the processed musical piece to a second client device, and
instruct the second client device, via an instruction transmitted along with the processed musical piece, to delay playback of the processed musical piece a predetermined amount of time to compensate for latency in the musical collaboration, the predetermined amount of time being associated with a measure or a fraction of a measure and being calculated based on the set tempo.