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Sound providing method and electronic device for performing the same
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1. An electronic device, comprising;
a display;
a memory for storing at least one audio signal;
a communication circuit configured to establish wireless communication with an external device; and
a processor electrically connected with the display, the memory, and the communication circuit,
wherein the memory stores instructions for, when executed, causing the processor to:
produce the at least one audio signal,
provide a user interface (UI) including a specified region on the display;
receive from the external device, an indicator of a gesture detected by the external device;
display a trace based on the gesture detected and received from the external device on the display of the electronic device;
apply a sound effect, selected based at least in part on the gesture, to the produced at least one audio source, and
output or store a resulting audio signal, wherein the resulting audio signal represents application of the sound effect to the produced at least one audio signal.