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Drumstick gripping device
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1. A drumstick gripping device for a drumstick comprising tip, shoulder and grip portions, the drumstick gripping device comprising:
a collar defining a collar opening for the insertion and engagement of a drumstick, the diameter of the collar opening being larger than the diameter of the drumstick tip and shoulder portions and smaller than the diameter of at least a portion of a drumstick grip portion, wherein the collar will engage a portion of the drumstick hand grip portion;
a rigid looped finger grip defining a finger grip opening for insertion of a finger, the finger grip opening being dimensioned to receive no more than one finger and at least the index finger while permitting rotation of the finger grip about the index finger and thereby twirling of the drumstick and removal of the drumstick grip device and the drumstick from the index finger;
the finger grip being rigidly fixed to the collar wherein the finger grip opening is offset from and perpendicular to the collar opening.