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Non-floating tremolo
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1. A stringed musical instrument comprising:
a) a body comprising:
a front surface;
a back surface;
a bridge cavity configured between the front and back surfaces;
a base end; and
a neck end;
b) a neck that is attached to the body and has an extended end;
c) a peghead configured at the extended end of the neck;
d) a plurality of strings each having a neck-end and a body-end;
e) a bridge attached to the body and comprising:
a bridge plate rigidly attached to the front surface of the body;
whereby the bridge plate does not move with respect to the body;
a plurality of pitch adjustment features each comprising:
a dynamic string contact;
a deflection arm coupled with the dynamic string contact;
a spring coupled to and configured to exert a force against the deflection arm;
f) a tremolo lever;
wherein the tremolo lever is coupled with each pitch adjustment feature to change the pitch of one of said plurality of strings when the tremolo lever is moved; and
wherein at least a portion of the plurality of strings are attached to the peghead, extend along said neck, over said bridge, over said dynamic string contact and said body-end is fixedly coupled to the stringed musical instrument and does not move with respect to the body.