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Display apparatus and display method
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1. A display apparatus, comprising:
a display unit configured to be curved in a cylindrical shape with a surface that is oriented outwards and display information in a region of one of an entire periphery or a part of the surface;
a viewing intention detector configured to detect viewing intention of a user for the information displayed on the display unit, wherein the user wears the display unit on a part of a body;
a display region determiner configured to determine, based on the viewing intention of the user, a region of the display unit, which is viewable by the user, as a display region to display the information;
a rotation detector configured to:
detect a rotation of the display unit, and
return the display region moved during the rotation to a position of an initial state based on a first detection of a rotation by a particular angle from the initial state and a second detection of an inverse rotation to the initial state, and
a display control unit configured to control display of the information in the display region.