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Method of raising contrast of OLED display panel and system
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1. A method of raising contrast of an OLED display panel, comprising steps of:
step 1, providing an original RGB signal and an original low driving voltage of an image to be inputted to the OLED display panel;
step 2, converting the original RGB signal into a HSI color space constructed by a hue component, a saturation component and an intensity component;
step 3, implementing histogram statistics to the intensity component to obtain a histogram of the intensity component;
step 4, calculating according to the histogram of the intensity component to obtain a conversion parameter;
step 5, keeping the hue component and the saturation component unchanged, and implementing enhancement treatment to the intensity component with a contrast enhancing method to obtain a new intensity component;
step 6, calculating the conversion parameter and the original low driving voltage to obtain a new low driving voltage, and a formula is: OVSS′=K×X×OVSS, wherein OVSS' is the new low driving voltage, K is a constant coefficient, and X is the conversion parameter, and OVSS is the original low driving voltage;
step 7, converting the hue component, the saturation component and the new intensity component into a RGB color space to obtain a new R′G′B′ signal, and inputting the new R′G′B′ signal and the new low driving voltage to a pixel driving circuit in the OLED display panel, and the OLED display panel shows a new image with an enhanced contrast.