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Display apparatus, method and apparatus for controlling the same
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1. A display control method of controlling a display operation of a display panel that includes a plurality of pixels arranged in a column direction and a row direction, the display control method comprising:
accumulating image data values respectively input to the plurality of pixels to obtain deterioration information for each of the plurality of pixels;
obtaining an electrical value of each of a plurality of sensing pixels;
determining an electrical value of a non-sensing pixel based on the deterioration information of each of the plurality of pixels and based on the electrical value of each of the plurality of sensing pixels; and
controlling the display operation of the display panel based on electrical values of the plurality of pixels,
wherein the plurality of pixels comprises the plurality of sensing pixels, of which electrical values are sensed, and the non-sensing pixel, which is different from a sensing pixel, and
wherein the sensing pixels and the non-sensing pixel are configured to emit light.