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Termination circuit to reduce attenuation of signal between signal producing circuit and display device
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17. An apparatus, comprising:
a signal producing circuit;
a display device having a display driver integrated circuit (DDIC), a trace, and a substrate,
the trace disposed on the substrate,
the DDIC connected to a first end of the trace,
the DDIC lacking a termination impedance component internal to the DDIC to provide a line termination function for a serial interface with the signal producing circuit;
a cable having a first end of the cable connected to the signal producing circuit and a second end of the cable connected to a second end of the trace; and
a termination circuit having a first port, a second port, and an impedance component,
the first port connected to a first node of a conductor of the cable,
the second port connected to a second node, and
the impedance component connected between the first port and the second port,
wherein the termination circuit is formed as an integrated circuit mounted on the cable near the first node of the conductor, and
wherein the first node of the cable is in between the first end and the second end of the cable.