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Large projection screen image device with seesaw structure for virtual reality
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1. A large projection screen image device with a seesaw structure for virtual reality comprising:
a lever arranged horizontally;
a fixing point set on a weight center of the lever;
a chair on which a user sits, a projector and a control box provided at a front of the chair, which are provided on a side of the lever based on the fixing point;
an image device consisting of a large screen or a monitor, which is provided on the other side of the lever;
a front rear rotation shaft that is rotatable up and downward in front and rear directions at the fixing point; and
a left right rotation shaft through which a whole structure of the lever is rotated left and rightward, which is provided below the front rear rotation shaft, wherein 2D or 3D image provided in accordance to the rotation movement of the chair on which the user sits is viewed.