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Display device manufacturing method
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1. A display device manufacturing method, said method comprising:
preparing a substrate on which a plurality of light emitting elements are mounted;
preparing a light shielding mask that is provided with a plurality of windows respectively transmitting light from the plurality of light emitting elements and that is warped so as to protrude towards an incident side of light from the plurality of light emitting elements, wherein the light shielding mask has a warping in a longitudinal direction and the light shielding mask also has a warping in a transversal direction;
preparing a case in which a substrate is disposed; and
screwing the light shielding mask to the case at screwing locations in a left side area, a right side area, an upper side area, a lower side area, and a central area, so that the light shielding mask is parallel or approximately parallel with respect to the substrate, wherein a first packing is interposed between the case and the light shielding mask.