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Patient wristband
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1. A form having one or more blank detachable wristbands, the form comprising
a waterproof printable face ply and a liner ply, wherein the face ply is die cut to form one or more blank detachable wristbands having first and second ends and a printable portion between the first and second ends for accepting printed indicia, wherein the ply can remain attached to a wrist of a patient for several days without causing chaffing of the skin and without losing printed variable patient data printed on the printable portion, wherein the face ply is adhered to the liner ply by a pressure sensitive adhesive included on at least a portion of its bottom surface and the pressure sensitive adhesive is included on the face ply around the periphery of the wristband, and wherein the portion of each of the wristbands between the first and second ends is not adhered to the liner ply; and
means to secure the wristband to the wrist of the patient are located adjacent the first and second ends of the wristband, wherein the wristband is configured to be applied to the wrist of the patient by wrapping the wristband around the wrist whereby the first end of the wristband is folded back so its bottom surface is adhered to the bottom surface of the wristband wrapped over it and the second end of the wristband is adhered to the top surface of the wristband that it is wrapped over, and wherein each of said first and second ends have tamper evident indicia comprising die cut x's on the first and second ends with the bottom surface of each of the first and second ends printed a different color from the rest of the wristband.