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Makeup application assistance device, makeup application assistance method, and makeup application assistance program
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1. A make-up assisting apparatus that provides assistance for make-up using make-up used by others as a reference, the make-up assisting apparatus comprising a processor that, when executing instructions stored in a memory, performs operations comprising:
acquiring a first image, which is a captured image of a user face;
acquiring areas of facial parts of the user face from the first image;
acquiring a second image, which is a captured image of a model face to which make-up has been applied;
acquiring areas of facial parts of the model face from the second image;
specifying an area having a color approximate to a color of the skin of the model face, from positions of the acquired areas of the facial parts of the model face;
acquiring, from the second image, make-up for each facial part of the facial parts of the model face, based on a difference between the color of the specified area of the second image and an actual color of the facial part of the second image, the make-up including a way of applying the make-up; and
generating a simulation image obtained by superimposing, on the first image, an image indicating a state of the make-up when the make-up acquired from the second image is applied to the user face, and displaying the generated simulation image.