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Constructed response scoring mechanism
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1. A system for scoring user responses to a test question, comprising:
a scoring engine for receiving a user response to a test question and evaluating the response against a scoring rubric, wherein the scoring rubric includes a binding stage, an assertion stage, and a scoring stage; and
a database for referencing elements used by the scoring engine which include at least one of objects, object sets, attributes of objects, and transformations of any elements;
wherein the system establishes at least one reference to one or more elements during the binding stage;
the system evaluates and stores at least one assertion about an element during the assertion stage;
the system builds a scoring rubric based on said assertions;
the system assigns a score to the response based on a result produced at the assertion stage during the scoring stage; and
the bindings and the assertions use a library of relatively low-level primitives that are combined to score an array of item and item types without the need for additional programming.