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Map generation system, map generation device, map generation method, and program
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1. A map generation system, comprising an electronic device,
the electronic device comprising:
an extraction unit configured to collect vehicle speed information, which includes at least a speed, acceleration, and deceleration, from a vehicle and configured to extract rapid deceleration information, which includes a first location where a rapid deceleration event satisfying predetermined conditions has occurred, and a traveling direction of the vehicle at the time when the rapid deceleration event has occurred from the collected vehicle speed information;
a storage unit that stores map data;
a division unit configured to generate mesh map data by dividing the map data stored in the storage unit into a plurality of meshes in a predetermined size and a predetermined number of divisions; and
an estimation unit configured to estimate a location that requires caution when the vehicle travels therethrough, as a caution-required place, based on the rapid deceleration information extracted by the extraction unit and the mesh map data generated by the division unit,
wherein intersection location information indicating a location of an intersection is included in the map data,
the estimation unit estimates the location of the intersection on the map data present in a front mesh in front of the mesh which includes the first location indicated by the rapid deceleration information, as the caution-required place,
the vehicle speed information is information including vehicle speed information accumulated for a predetermined period of time, and
the extraction unit levels the vehicle speed information in the predetermined period of time.