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Method for creating a rolling code radio control
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1. A method for creating, with an unset radio control (20) provided with a NFC (Near Field Communication) device (16), an adjunct rolling code radio control for controlling a user device, an original radio control (18) being already associated with the user device and having a rolling code based on a variation algorithm unknown by said unset radio control (20), comprising:
identifying said algorithm of said original radio control (18) via a sniffer (22) provided with a NFC device;
if said sniffer (22) possesses said algorithm, transmitting said algorithm via NFC from said sniffer (22) to said unset radio control (20); and
if instead the sniffer (22) does not possess said algorithm, causing the sniffer to remotely acquire the algorithm with an apparatus connectable to the internet and provided with a NFC device, then to transmit the algorithm via NFC from said apparatus to said unset radio control (20),
wherein said original radio control (18) and said unset radio control (20) are simultaneously activated such that said unset radio control is set up by the original radio control based on said algorithm.