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Control system for a terminal device and a switch
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1. A control system comprising:
a panel having a front side and a back side, said panel being comprised of a junction box and an electrical connection within said junction box;
a switch having modes of operation and being contained in said junction box and connected to said electrical connection, wherein said switch is comprised of a control module for said modes of operation;
a terminal device connected to said switch, wherein each mode of operation of said switch corresponds to a respective activity of said terminal device;
a housing having an engagement means for a mounting surface, said mounting surface being on said panel;
a sensor contained within said housing, said sensor forming an interactive zone defined by a range of said sensor, said interactive zone being aligned with said mounting surface, said sensor being in a fixed position relative to said engagement means, wherein a contact interaction associated with said mounting surface within said interactive zone is detected by said sensor as data signals, said sensor being in communication with said control module of said switch; and
a power source connected to said sensor,
wherein said control module receives said data signals from said sensor and determines a switch data pattern corresponding to said data signals of said contact interaction,
wherein said control module matches said switch data pattern with a switch gesture profile, said switch gesture profile being associated with each mode of operation of said switch, and
wherein said control module actuates said switch according to said switch gesture profile, said control module toggling between each mode of operation of said switch, according to a respective switch gesture profile.