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Power outage safety light bulb
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1. A system to detect a power loss condition, the system comprising:
a light housing having
a power coupling element configured to establish an electrical connection to a first power source, wherein the first power source is an input to an asymmetrical bridge rectifier providing a first current flow path and a second current flow path wherein the first current flow path and the second current flow path have varying voltage drops;
a first light source operatively connected to the power coupling element and configured to selectively emit light in a first operating mode;
a battery configured to supply power to a second light source in a second operating mode;
a signal amplifier configured to monitor a power condition at the first power source and send a first signal indicating a first power source condition and to monitor a light switch position by sensing a voltage drop across a current path when current flows through the first current flow path or the second current flow path and send a second signal indicating a light switch condition; and
a controller in communication with the power coupling element, the battery, the first light source, and the second light source and configured to receive first and second signals generated by the signal amplifier, wherein the controller uses the first and second signals from the signal amplifier to determine operation of the first light source and the second light source.