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Gaming machine, system and method for playing a feature game
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1. A gaming machine comprising:
a housing;
a game display, the game display being transmissive to facilitate highlighting of symbols, and
a game controller arranged to control images displayed on the game display, the game controller being arranged to play a game in normal game play mode wherein a plurality of symbols are randomly selected from a predetermined set of symbols and displayed on the game display;
the game controller initiates a feature game mode if a scatter symbol is displayed, the feature game mode being characterized in that the game controller is programmed to:
determine a set of feature game symbols, the set of feature games symbols containing at least one switchable symbol that may be switched between a first state and a second state when the switchable symbol is randomly selected, the switchable symbol enables a multiplier after being randomly selected in the first state;
the set of feature games symbols containing at least one switching symbol, that switches the switchable symbol between the first state and the second state, and enables the multiplier to persist during normal game play mode, the switching symbol being a symbol other than the switchable symbol;
randomly select one symbol from the set of feature game symbols; and
determine whether the randomly selected feature game symbol is the at least one switchable symbol in the second state and when the at least one switchable symbol is in the second state, feature game play mode terminates.