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Removable fan assembly providing multi-directional air flow for a wagering game machine
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1. A gaming machine, comprising:
a gaming cabinet;
a backplane within the cabinet;
a power source coupled to the backplane;
a critical-electronics enclosure within the cabinet and coupled to the backplane, the critical-electronics enclosure containing game-logic circuitry associated with at least one regulated casino wagering game, the critical-electronics enclosure having a validated seal that is invalidated in response to opening the critical electronics enclosure or detaching the enclosure from the backplane; and
a fan assembly within the cabinet and removably coupled to the backplane, the fan assembly including first and second fans, the first fan arranged to move air in a first direction directly at the game-logic circuitry in the critical electronics enclosure, the second fan arranged to move air in a second direction directly at the power source, the second direction being different than the first direction, the validated seal remaining intact in response to removal of the fan assembly from the cabinet.