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Method and system for the configuration of small locking systems
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1. A method for the configuration and administration of a locking system comprising at least one electronic locking and at least one identification medium for operating the locking, wherein the method comprises the following steps:
a) providing a smartphone with an administration software for the administration and configuration of the at least one locking and the at least one identification medium wherein the smartphone may communicate with the locking and the identification medium via a wireless communication link;
b) allocating access rights of the identification medium to the locking via the administration software of the smartphone and locally storing said allocation of access rights in the smartphone, wherein the allocation of access rights from identification media to corresponding lockings may be visualized and configured by means of a locking-identification-media-matrix on the display of the smartphone;
c) reading out the identification data which are specific for the locking/identification medium and transmitting said data as well as the access rights from step b) to a cloud,
d) generating programming data, preferably encoded programming data, and/or key data in the cloud by means of a server in the cloud on the basis of said transmitted allocations;
e) receiving the programming data or the encoded programming data and/or key data from the cloud using the smartphone; and
f) transmitting the key data from the smartphone to the at least one identification medium and/or transmitting the programming data from the smartphone to the locking.