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System and method of markerless injection of ads in AR
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1. A method of markerless injection of content into an augmented reality scene by use of a mobile device, comprising:
through the mobile device, acquiring a camera feed of a scene, the scene including a flat surface;
selecting a key frame of the flat surface from the feed;
determining that the flat surface in the key frame meets a predetermined level of feature richness; and
injecting digital content by superimposing text, graphics, video content over at least a part of the key frame, and allowing the digital content to be viewed and interacted with by the user of the mobile device,
wherein injecting digital content further comprises:
using an optical flow to detect changes in features of the flat surface;
generating a homography matrix;
decomposing the homography matrix into two ambiguous cases;
using knowledge of the normal of the plane to disambiguate the cases and select one correct one; and
calculating a pose estimation for the camera relative to the flat feature rich surface after disambiguation in order to inject the digital content by superimposing it on the flat surface.