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Data visualization methods
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1. A method for creating a graphical representation of data, comprising:
at an electronic device having one or more processors and memory:
identifying a finite set of data points in a data set;
for each of the identified data points:
calculating a respective conical distribution centered on the respective data point and based on a respective data value, wherein the respective conical distribution specifies a respective distribution value corresponding to each location in a respective region centered on the respective data point;
determining that a first data value of a first data point is less than a distribution value for a second data point, wherein the distribution value has a location that corresponds to the first data point;
based on the determination, calculating an inverse conical distribution in a region around the first data point; and
combining the conical distributions and inverse conical distributions to display a heatmap data visualization that includes each of the data points and displays a respective color for each location based on combining the distribution values for the respective location.