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Photo tagging system and method
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1. A computerized system comprising a processor and memory for matching one or more participants of an event to a digital photograph they appear in, the system comprising:
(i) an image processing software module adapted for analyzing via a processor a digital photograph stored in memory of one or more participants of said event taken from a distance of 1 to 25 meters and captured in angle of up to 60 degrees and identifying one or more barcodes on said digital photograph, each barcode comprising a square-shaped matrix made of 5×5 or 6×6 cells, the matrix surrounded by a dark color frame and the dark color frame surrounded by a light color frame, each matrix having a unique value, said unique value being associated with a participant identification (ID); and
(ii) a matrix analysis software module adapted for reading via a processor a matrix stored in memory, said matrix identified by the image processing module, calculating its value and determining the participant ID associated with said value thus matching the participant with said digital photograph the participant appears in.