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Method and system for determining a phenotype of a neoplasm in a human or animal body
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1. An image analysis method for providing information for enabling determination of a phenotype of a neoplasm in a human or animal body for enabling prognostication, comprising the steps of:
receiving, by a processing unit, image data of the neoplasm; and
deriving, by the processing unit, a plurality of image feature parameter values from the image data, said image parameter values relating to image features associated with the neoplasm; and
deriving, by said processing unit using a signature model, one or more neoplasm signature model values associated with the neoplasm from said image feature parameter values, wherein said signature model includes a functional relation between or characteristic values of said image feature parameter values for deriving said neoplasm signature model values therefrom;
wherein the image feature parameter values are indicative of image feature parameters, wherein the signature model includes at least all of the image feature parameters from a group comprising: gray-level non-uniformity, and wavelet high-low-high gray-level run-length gray-level non-uniformity.