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Equipment manufacture supporting apparatus, equipment manufacture supporting method, and storage medium for equipment manufacture supporting program
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1. An equipment manufacture supporting apparatus comprising:
component information receiving means for receiving discrimination information and shape information of each of components constituting equipment, the discrimination information and the shape information being described in a design diagram illustrating a connection relation of one of the components;
electronic code giving means for generating an electronic code corresponding to the discrimination information, each electronic code being configured to be attached on one of the components, respectively;
component information registering means for registering component information, the component information being linked to the components, that are mutually connected, with the electronic code and the shape information according to the connection relation of the component illustrated in the design diagram;
an image receiving means for receiving imaged data of a plurality of components of the equipment;
an electronic code recognizing means for recognizing at least one of the electronic codes marked on the respective components in the imaged data;
a shape recognizing means for recognizing a shape of at least one of the components included in the imaged data; and
a connection determining means for determining whether the plurality of components of the equipment are properly connected, by matching the electronic codes recognized in the electronic code recognizing means and the shape of the component recognized in the shape recognizing means with the component information registered at the component information registering means.