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Separating sub-band image data for processing and merging with unprocessed image data
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1. An apparatus for processing image signal data, comprising:
a sub-band splitter comprising:
a decimator circuit configured to receive undecimated image data of a first pixel resolution, and generate decimated image data from the undecimated image data, the decimated image data having a second pixel resolution that is lower than the first pixel resolution, and
an interpolation information generator coupled to the decimator circuit to receive the decimated image data, and configured to:
generate interpolation guide information for each pixel in the undecimated image data, the interpolation guide information representing whether a distance between pixel values of each pixel in the undecimated image data and pixel values of one or more neighboring pixels of each pixel in the undecimated image data or the decimated image data is above a threshold value, and
generate difference image data representing difference between the undecimated image data and a version of image reconstructed from the decimated image data and the interpolation guide information;
a processing pipeline coupled to the sub-band splitter and configured to process the decimated image data by a processing pipeline without processing the difference image data; and
a sub-band merger configured to merge the processed decimated image data with the difference image data that bypassed the processing pipeline based on the interpolation guide information to generate a processed image data of the first pixel resolution.