US 9,811,882 B2
Method and apparatus for processing super resolution image using adaptive preprocessing filtering and/or postprocessing filtering
Dae Yeol Lee, Daejeon (KR); Se Yoon Jeong, Daejeon (KR); Suk Hee Cho, Daejeon (KR); Jong Ho Kim, Daejeon (KR); Hui Yong Kim, Daejeon (KR); Sung Chang Lim, Daejeon (KR); and Jin Soo Choi, Daejeon (KR)
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1. An image processing method, comprising:
dividing an input video into a plurality of intervals;
determining a preprocessing filter and a postprocessing filter based on frames of the input video included in a reference interval of the plurality of intervals;
performing filtering on the frames based on the preprocessing filter;
reconstructing a signal of each of the frames on which the filtering is performed;
performing filtering on the frames using the postprocessing filter; and
outputting an output video comprising the filtered frames,
wherein each of the frames comprises the reconstructed signal,
wherein the determining of the preprocessing filter and the postprocessing filter comprises:
calculating contrast information of the frames in the reference interval, and determining, based on the contrast information, whether a contrast filter is to be applied as the preprocessing filter, and
determining a parameter to be applied to the contrast filter based on the contrast information and a contrast threshold, in response to the contrast filter being determined to be applied as the preprocessing filter, and
wherein a strength of the contrast filter is adjusted based on a difference between the contrast information and the contrast threshold.