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1. A method for presenting a recommendation message, performed by a portable electronic device with display, memory, and one or more processors, the method comprising:
detecting a trigger event based on a user input in an application running on the portable electronic device, the trigger event initiating a predefined time window for receipt of a non-tactile user input;
in response to detecting the trigger event, receiving sensor data captured by a motion sensor of the portable electronic device resulting from a non-tactile user input, wherein the sensor data is captured within the predefined time window;
determining whether values of the sensor data captured by the motion sensor satisfy a predefined movement pattern of the portable electronic device;
in response to determining that the values of the sensor data satisfy the predefined movement pattern of the portable electronic device, generating one or more character strings based, at least in part, on the values of the sensor data, each character string of the one or more character strings including multiple characters;
generating a recommendation message that includes the one or more character strings; and
displaying the recommendation message on the display.