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Systems and methods for a home market alert service
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1. A computer-implemented method comprising:
determining a current location of a mobile device of a buyer using a location sensor, the buyer having a buyer profile describing a buyer characteristic and a realty criteria;
identifying a plurality of residents within a range of the current location, the plurality of residents having a plurality of resident profiles describing resident characteristics;
identifying a correlated resident profile among the plurality of resident profiles, the correlated resident profile having a correlated resident characteristic that correlates to the buyer characteristic associated with the buyer profile;
determining realty available proximate to a resident address associated with the correlated resident profile;
transmitting an alert to the mobile device of the buyer indicating the realty available; and
causing presentation of the alert via the mobile device of the buyer, the buyer characteristic and resident characteristics include at least one of an environmental factor, a demographic factor, and a landlord factor, and
the realty criteria includes at least one of a property criteria, an educational criteria, a governmental criteria, or a demographic criteria.