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Method for enrolling and authenticating a cardholder
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1. A method for enrolling and authenticating a bank's cardholder to a service provider to enable services of an application executing on the cardholder's mobile device, comprising the following steps applied by the service provider (SP):
receiving on a first communication channel established between a data-processing workshop (DP) and the service provider (SP) a file comprising an identification cardholder data (ID) and a phone number of the cardholder previously emitted by the bank of the cardholder;
storing cardholder ID and cardholder phone number;
receiving from a mobile device operated by the bank's cardholder the identification cardholder data (ID), bank-provided enrollment data, and identification data of the mobile device via a second channel established between said mobile device and the service provider using the phone number of the cardholder;
during activation of an application on the mobile device for use with the service provider, storing the identification cardholder data (ID), the bank-provided enrollment data, and the identification data of the mobile device;
transmitting to the mobile device on a third channel, an activation link for the cardholder to use to activate an account with the service provider for use with the mobile device application;
during post-activation use of the application to access services, transmitting the identification data of the mobile device and authenticating the mobile device by checking the mobile device identification data;
using, by the service provider, the cardholder identification data linked to the mobile device identification data to determine services available to the cardholder; and
proposing, by the service provider, services to the cardholder via the mobile application.