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System and method for reducing a processing time for a bank transaction
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1. A system for reducing a processing time for processing a bank transaction comprising:
a kiosk comprising:
an input for receiving information related to processing the bank transaction;
a display for displaying an interface in connection with the received input, wherein the interface presents three options for selection a cash deposit bank transaction, a check deposit bank transaction, and a demand draft bank transaction, and wherein the received input includes a selection for one of the three options:
a controller which is configured to receive said information and to generate coded information that includes the selection and the selection is one of the check deposit bank transaction and the demand draft bank transaction; and
a receipt dispenser which dispenses a pre-processed receipt that comprises said coded information and the pre-processed receipt for subsequently completing and processing the bank transaction, and wherein the receipt dispenser is configured to print deposit information received from a subsequently presented pre-processed receipt by printing a copy of a deposited check on a deposit receipt.