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3-D immersion technology in a virtual store
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1. A system to enable an enhanced virtual shopping experience, said system comprising:
means for generating a 3-D mesh model of a person's body contours;
means for digitizing the three-dimensional shape of a piece of clothing when worn by the correspondingly sized body;
means for measuring the surface friction and the intensity and frequency of the vibrations produced during sliding tactile contact with the material of the piece of clothing, for digitally approximating a texture of the material;
means for obtaining three dimensional visual images of the interior of a store;
a 3-D headset configured to receive the three-dimensional visualization of the interior of the store, and to provide the visualization to the wearer;
a wired glove and body suit configured to provide feedback to the wearer;
a software algorithm configured to enable said 3-D mesh model of the person's body to be digitally inserted into said three-dimensional visualization of the interior of the store; said software algorithm further configured to manipulate said 3-D mesh model within the store, and to provide a current to a portion of said glove or suit to provide reverse-electro-vibration thereto, to correspond to the object that is in contact with the wearer, to create the appropriate sensation of contact that simulates actual contact.