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Verifying purchasers of restricted gifts
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1. A method comprising:
providing an advertisement to a client device of a user logged in at a social networking system, the advertisement promoting a restricted gift subject to a limitation on sale of the restricted gift, the limitation on sale of the restricted gift being related to user characteristics, the advertisement including a link to a landing page external to the social networking system, and the advertisement being displayed to the user by the social networking system;
receiving a request to verify the identity of the user of the client device accessing the landing page; and
responsive to the request to verify the identity of the user at the landing page:
receiving login credentials from the client device,
verifying that the login credentials received from the client device match those of the user logged in at the social networking system;
determining based on the characteristics of the user in the social networking system, that the user may purchase the restricted gift;
generating an order entry page for the restricted gift;
receiving one or more recipients to receive the restricted gift;
receiving a selection from a list of possible delivery locations, the list of possible gift delivery locations being generated based on one or more of recipient affinities or actions within the social networking system;
processing a purchase of the restricted gift for the selected recipient and delivery location; and
providing information about the purchase of the restricted gift to a terminal located at the gift delivery location, the information about the purchase including identification of the one or more recipients.