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System and method for guided passcode entry
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1. A computer-based method for guided entry of a passcode by a user to secure individual transactions at a terminal, the passcode being stored in a database and known to the user and being comprised of prescribed characters, wherein the characters each have a prescribed position within a prescribed input order for the passcode, the method comprising:
generating a randomized input sequence using one or more processors executing within one or more of the terminal and a remote computing device that is communicatively connected to the terminal over a communication network,
wherein the randomized input sequence is generated with the one or more processors implementing a generator that reorders the prescribed input order arbitrarily such that the randomized input sequence comprises a random rearrangement of the prescribed positions within the prescribed input order;
providing, with the one or more processors, the randomized input sequence for use in connection with a particular transaction at the terminal, wherein the randomized input sequence is provided in response to the terminal receiving user identifying information and thereby initiating the particular transaction, and wherein the randomized input sequences are provided for each of the individual transactions;
prompting, by the terminal, the user to input, at the terminal during the particular transaction, the characters of the passcode according to the randomized input sequence, wherein the user is prompted to input the characters of the passcode one passcode character at a time and wherein the step of prompting further comprises:
displaying to the user on a screen of the terminal, a plurality of the indicia that are arranged according to the prescribed input order such that each of the plurality of indicia represents a respective prescribed position in the prescribed input order;
individually and sequentially identifying, by the terminal on the screen, each of the plurality of indicia in accordance with the randomized input sequence and thereby prompting the user to input, for each identified indicia, the character of the passcode that corresponds to the respective prescribed position that is represented by the identified indicia;
receiving, by the terminal, the characters of the passcode input by the user and received by the terminal in a received order, wherein the received order is an order in which each of the characters of the passcode are received by the terminal, and wherein, in response to receipt of each individual character among the characters of the passcode, the terminal presents an updated display on the screen wherein the display is updated by the terminal in accordance with the randomized input sequence and the received user input;
reordering, by the one or more processors, the received characters in accordance with the randomized input sequence and in regard to the received order;
testing, by the one or more processors, the reordered, received characters against a database of passcodes associated with respective users for an exact match, wherein the test comprises comparing the stored passcode associated with the user to the reordered, received characters; and
advancing, by the one or more processors, the particular transaction at the terminal in response to any exact match of the received characters to the stored passcode, wherein advancing the particular transaction comprises displaying user options relating to the particular transaction on the screen of the terminal.