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Automated work-flow management system with dynamic interface
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1. A system for the automated processing of a property transaction, including a real estate closing process and its attendant documentation, including:
a network accessible by a plurality of users involved in the property transaction;
a database, accessible via said network, said database allowing controlled access by the plurality of users and storing data related to said client, said database further including at least a first table having embedded rules wherein the embedded rules define a work-flow for the property transaction and at least a second table defining at least one attribute of a display of information associated with said property transaction; and
a web-based user interface providing access to said database, wherein the web-based user interface is dynamically controlled as a function of the at least one attribute defined in the second table,
wherein the web-based user interface is generated in response to software operating on a server on the network, by taking the data in the second table and generating an XML result set and an XSL translation sheet, and where software operating on a user computer loads the XSL translation sheet and processes the XML result set to produce browser interpretable HTML code to display the interface at the user computer.