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Secure content transfer systems and methods to operate the same
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1. A system comprising:
a first interface of a broadcast system headend located at a service-provider location physically remote from a plurality of client premises, the first interface to receive a content transfer authorization request from an integrated receiver/decoder (IRD) device located at a first client premises of the plurality of client premises, the IRD device being physically separate from a client device located at the first client premises;
memory including instructions; and
a conditional access system of the broadcast system headend including a processor to execute the instructions to perform operations including:
determining an encryption key based on at least one of the content transfer authorization request or content associated with the content transfer authorization request;
obtaining a license having the encryption key embedded in the license from a digital rights management license server by conveying the encryption key in conjunction with a license request to the digital rights management license server; and
conveying the license with the encryption key embedded in the license to the IRD device, the IRD device to form encrypted content by encrypting unencrypted content received from the broadcast system headend according to the encryption key, the IRD device to convey the encrypted content and the license to the client device, the client device including a digital rights manager configured to control access to the encrypted content based on the license and a decrypter configured to decrypt the encrypted content based on the embedded encryption key.